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Happy (super) Belated Birthday L!

Ok, sorry, I didn’t have mood to blog because I’ve been waking up quite late nowadays…(11am +), BUT! While I was eating dinner today, I realised that, somebody’s birthday have long passed. That is, of course, none other than our cake-loving eye-bagged Death Note character, L. Lawliet! >w<. *claps for L*

l_2Hehe, one of my favourite pic with L. >w<. Since it’s of him on top a slice of cake, I must as well share it with you guys. XD

I am now pondering on why I’ve actually forgotten about this…and when I look back at November 1st, I was celebrating my own birthday at some Japanese restaurant. O_O . I must have been thinking about it on Friday until I completely forgotten about L’s bday which is on the 31st of October. But, you know, on that Friday, me and my homegroup(a Christian fellowship program) members were talking about L and Raito. @_@

Well, anyways. Good thing I remembered before December. >.<. Otanjyoubi omedeto, L! ^o^. *pops confetti for L*



Dango Dango Dango~

KLCC’s Isetan is having a Hokkaido Fair which started on the 7th November and will end today. I actually went on Sunday, but I didn’t have the mood to blog about the *cough* dango I ate that day. YES! DANGO! A lot of things happened that day, but I guess you don’t want to hear all about my day…well, if you want to, you can go here. It’ll lead you to my livejournal post which have more details about it.


The dangoooo~

I also did get some bunch of otaku stuff; animes and a manga. Here, I took a picture of them. Got those from Kinokuniya and a second-hand novel from Pay Less Books at Ampang Point. I might review the book if I actually think it’s worth mentioning. Hopefully it’s nice, haven’t really read the first chapter yet, lol. In this post, since it’s about dango, I feel like giving my thoughts about the song, Dango Daikazoku by Chata too (for some reason) ^_^


I don’t know why I placed that Kinokuniya plastic there…

From bottom: Asatte no Houkou(anime), Kurau: Phantom Memories(anime), Koukou/Highschool Debut vol. 6(manga) and The Triumph of Katie Bryne(novel). Owh yes, I also booked/ordered Emma volume 7 from Kinokuniya. Hopefully it’ll arrive as stated (2 weeks).

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GN-001 Gundam Exia SD KIT

My family an I went to Rakuzen, a Japanese restaurant which I guess is quite popular? The reason was to celebrate my 15th-birthday which was very long overdue. My birthday is on the 14th of April and now we celebrated it on the 1st of November…it was totally my fault, really. Because of an exam, I wanted to enjoy it after, hence the lateness. The food was so-so, but what I want to talk about now is my second birthday present from my eldest brother. ^_^;;. He didn’t really have to buy a second present…but oh well, the present is the title. You must have guessed it; totally obvious! XD


Of course, I fixed it on the day I got it. >w< . And for your information, it also has a removable GN-Drive. [WARNING: Picture-heavy under the cut. (not recommended for slow internet speeds)

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Nanairo Sekai

I am about to review the manga, Nanairo Sekai by Sahara Mizu-sama who goes by a pseudonym of Yumeka Sumomo. Her new fans would usually know her more by her pseudonym. I first got introduced to Sahara Mizu by her own adaptation of Hoshi no Koe, story by Makoto Shinkai-sama who also did the OVA much by himself, aside from the music(Tenmon) and the seiyuus(voice-actors/actresses). It was a splendid read, I must say. ^_^


Nanairo Sekai is a compilation of short stories. Some sad whereas some end with a happy ending. The title when literally translated into English from Japanese, means, “7-Coloured World” . Now, for the review~

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♫In The Sky

In The Sky by Miz/Mizrock

I got the SINGLE yesterday but I will only be blogging about the song and the other versions which are related. I first heard of Mizrock from Romeo x Juliet’s ED 2; Goodbye, Yesterday, which is really one of my favourites~ And, that was also when I actually took some time to ‘research’ on her songs. Didn’t really convince me to add her as one of my fav bands/singers then. Well, yesterday was a different thing. I wanted some songs to listen to, so I browsed through one of my sources, and I decided to take a look at Mizrock’s songs again.


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Going (Hyper)Active in Blogging

Hiyah! I’ll be going (hyper)active <–(the “hyper” idea was taken from FarizAsuka, lol) in blogging starting from now on~ :3 . Maybe because I’ve been deciding on things, and, the burden which I had for quite some time have been put off, though there are still some which I have yet to finish up…

So, well, expect some reviews(?) of mangas etc etc. I am not sure about animes, because, I think I am kinda bad at reviewing animes…>.> . And, for some updates; I’ve joined Panther in his blog. ^_^. I’ll only be posting about music though. And, haha, I’ll need to do some SINGLE reviews too. >w<

Yep, I think that’s it. ^_^. To start things off, here, an epic pic! lololol


Lol, who wants Excalibur (Soul Eater) as their Pokemon? XD


Free free free~ I’m back! Exams was ok, I guess? Some were hard. Meh, I’ll be doing some stuff now, like, changing the layout for my Livejournal, edit links here and there, etc etc. Especially blogging the humongous amount of posts which I have yet to type…;_;. Even the titles of the posts fill up pages of Window’s Document, *sigh*. Well, will be back from all those, and SPAM SPAM SPAM! Hahaha, watch out for comments from me. ^_~

Oh yeah, and I’ll post the 4 days of my exam later, k? :3


I have hereby shifted/devoted myself to Panther's blog. You can find me posting there once in a while. Do visit, and thank you for all those who have been reading my blog. ^_^ (I will be from time to time posting up things which I cannot post at Panther's blog(e.g. Gunplas), though I wouldn't suggest you to check here often, as I think it wouldn't be updated consistently, and almost equivalent to a dead blog...;_;)


Yo. I am accepting requests of both headers and blog banners, that's if you want me to make one(or more) for you. Of course, it's free of charge. :3 All I need you to do is to provide what character you would want in the header/banner and what series she/he is from. If you would want a specific image for the header/banner, go ahead and give it to me, I'll be happy to do it. ^_^. Owh, and please do specify the height and width you would want your header/banner to be, it's very important, neh. :)
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