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Some AUTHORS wanted!


Sorry for not updating in ages(if you call 2 weeks ages, then, yes)! And, lol, look at what I am posting about now? Authors wanted. >.> . Well, I am not sure who would actually want to write for this unpopular blog, but I am searching, so do continue reading if you are interested. I am looking for at least 1 or 2(do note, I am looking for authors, not guest-writers).

Edit: Now when I ponder more on it, maybe I’ll just make a team blog if there is anybody willing to do it with me. ^_^. I will see how things go.

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Project Tami In Progress

.::Only Applies to TeamBlue::.

Second post for this project. Since I don’t think you guys would actually check back that first post, so I’ll be constantly updating this one for the team’s convenience.


Now, plans have been changed, DRASTICALLY. Yes, you read right. Naji-chan would be the one starting the chain now. So, here’s the plan; Naji is going to prepare an A2 sized paper where we all will write “Get Well Soon” etc etc on it. In the middle of the paper, there would be a word with “From: Team Blue” on it (SG members will be doing that). It would be nicer if the words are written in blue though, lol. Whatever you all want to give Tami Tami, you all can just put it in the envelope. But, there’s this compulsory item you all will need to do.

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Get Well Soon Card: Project Tami

.::Only applies to TeamBlue members::.


So, Tami is unwell, and, I don’t want to state why she is in her current condition, nor do I want to answer you in comment-form. Go to irc and ask me there; #teamblue @

Now, for the plan. The card will start from me. It’s either going to be a card or a big blank paper where you all will write “Get well soon!” or something(maybe both), and I’ll pass it to whoever is next in line or closest to me. Members joining from other countries(besides Singapore) will affect the chain, so, be sure to tell me whether you’re participating as soon as possible. Those who are in SG and would want to participate, tell me and I’ll notify the other SG members. Most likely you will all meet up together and write your wishes then and there. After SG, so far, the card will fly to Naji-chan in Sweden. And from there, Naji will pass it to Tami Tami after finishing what she wants to write/put inside the envelope.

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Happy (super) Belated Birthday L!

Ok, sorry, I didn’t have mood to blog because I’ve been waking up quite late nowadays…(11am +), BUT! While I was eating dinner today, I realised that, somebody’s birthday have long passed. That is, of course, none other than our cake-loving eye-bagged Death Note character, L. Lawliet! >w<. *claps for L*

l_2Hehe, one of my favourite pic with L. >w<. Since it’s of him on top a slice of cake, I must as well share it with you guys. XD

I am now pondering on why I’ve actually forgotten about this…and when I look back at November 1st, I was celebrating my own birthday at some Japanese restaurant. O_O . I must have been thinking about it on Friday until I completely forgotten about L’s bday which is on the 31st of October. But, you know, on that Friday, me and my homegroup(a Christian fellowship program) members were talking about L and Raito. @_@

Well, anyways. Good thing I remembered before December. >.<. Otanjyoubi omedeto, L! ^o^. *pops confetti for L*


Going (Hyper)Active in Blogging

Hiyah! I’ll be going (hyper)active <–(the “hyper” idea was taken from FarizAsuka, lol) in blogging starting from now on~ :3 . Maybe because I’ve been deciding on things, and, the burden which I had for quite some time have been put off, though there are still some which I have yet to finish up…

So, well, expect some reviews(?) of mangas etc etc. I am not sure about animes, because, I think I am kinda bad at reviewing animes…>.> . And, for some updates; I’ve joined Panther in his blog. ^_^. I’ll only be posting about music though. And, haha, I’ll need to do some SINGLE reviews too. >w<

Yep, I think that’s it. ^_^. To start things off, here, an epic pic! lololol


Lol, who wants Excalibur (Soul Eater) as their Pokemon? XD

Hello Team Blue and the World!

Ok, hello people. This is just another one of those normal introduction posts. Well, the reason of me making this wordpress blog is to devote it totally to all things animanga, and also to the team which I recently joined, Team Blue. You can head over to the whole team’s blog, here. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay there if you ever visit.

Now, Team Blue members, I know, my blog is like… un-updated. I’ll post more later. Well, more of copy + pasting*. Anyways, I’ll be updating my blogroll with all your banners too, no worries, k?

P.S. Whoa, long title for a short introduction….>.>

Bye bye now~


*Copy + Pasting: Because, I’ll be typing in my Livejournal blog and copy + pasting most of the posts here. ^_^


I have hereby shifted/devoted myself to Panther's blog. You can find me posting there once in a while. Do visit, and thank you for all those who have been reading my blog. ^_^ (I will be from time to time posting up things which I cannot post at Panther's blog(e.g. Gunplas), though I wouldn't suggest you to check here often, as I think it wouldn't be updated consistently, and almost equivalent to a dead blog...;_;)


Yo. I am accepting requests of both headers and blog banners, that's if you want me to make one(or more) for you. Of course, it's free of charge. :3 All I need you to do is to provide what character you would want in the header/banner and what series she/he is from. If you would want a specific image for the header/banner, go ahead and give it to me, I'll be happy to do it. ^_^. Owh, and please do specify the height and width you would want your header/banner to be, it's very important, neh. :)
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