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It’s quite sad to say this but, I am planning on ‘shutting’ this blog down. It was advised that I focus on 1 blog, despite it being a team blog. At first, I thought of forming a team blog with some friends, but since I am already in Panther’s, why not I just focus there instead? Good thing sometime ago he added Manga into his blogging category. Though I don’t think he’ll let me post about Gunpla; I’ll need ask him about that later, lol.

And, I do not know how to express my thanks to those of you who have been constantly checking my blogs for updates and the sorts, I am really thankful for those who have been commenting, and also for those who don’t ^^. I am really sorry that before this, I haven’t been updating much and am sorry if I had let down anyone of you. Thank you all very very much. ^_^

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Some AUTHORS wanted!


Sorry for not updating in ages(if you call 2 weeks ages, then, yes)! And, lol, look at what I am posting about now? Authors wanted. >.> . Well, I am not sure who would actually want to write for this unpopular blog, but I am searching, so do continue reading if you are interested. I am looking for at least 1 or 2(do note, I am looking for authors, not guest-writers).

Edit: Now when I ponder more on it, maybe I’ll just make a team blog if there is anybody willing to do it with me. ^_^. I will see how things go.

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I have hereby shifted/devoted myself to Panther's blog. You can find me posting there once in a while. Do visit, and thank you for all those who have been reading my blog. ^_^ (I will be from time to time posting up things which I cannot post at Panther's blog(e.g. Gunplas), though I wouldn't suggest you to check here often, as I think it wouldn't be updated consistently, and almost equivalent to a dead blog...;_;)


Yo. I am accepting requests of both headers and blog banners, that's if you want me to make one(or more) for you. Of course, it's free of charge. :3 All I need you to do is to provide what character you would want in the header/banner and what series she/he is from. If you would want a specific image for the header/banner, go ahead and give it to me, I'll be happy to do it. ^_^. Owh, and please do specify the height and width you would want your header/banner to be, it's very important, neh. :)
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