♫Sweet Nest ALBUM

Sweet Nest [album] by kotringo


Konnichiwa mata Ashita was the first SINGLE which I heard and tried of kotringo. Most may not know of this soft and quiet-voiced singer, but she’s worth your try. I say her songs are very nice and soothing indeed. ^_^. Decided to review this album; Sweet Nest rather than Konnichiwa mata Ashita to make up for not posting after the “Dango Dango Dango~” post. L’s birthday wish doesn’t count, lol. XD

Here is the track list of Sweet Nest:

01 me & my bird prince
02 closet
03 Oideyo
04 me.ga.ne
05 classroom
06 summer
07 Kaerimichi
08 Deijii
09 Dai suki na hito
10 Kimi wa Jiiniasu
11 Furetara
12 to stanford

1) me & my bird prince

It starts off with a hollow effect added to kotringo’s voice with a slight jazzy tune, moving on to a skip-beat tempo. me & my bird prince is full(literally) with English lyrics, but I can hardly make what she’s singing most of the time. ^^;;. One of the most joyous songs in this album, and also the shortest. It only lasts for 1:51 minutes, lol. I find this song quite cute, though. ^_^ [1:51 minutes]

2) closet

Another full-English song with more drums and electronic effects compared to me & my bird prince. Moves in a fast pace at certain parts, especially when it reaches the chorus. A so-so song for me. Not really my cup of tea, for your information. >.< [3:29 minutes]

3) Oideyo

Oideyo, one of my faaaavourite songs by kotringo and my fav in Sweet Nest. Different from the first 2 starters of the album, this song slants more towards ballad and has some nice soft violin accompanying kotringo’s voice. Of course there’s piano; all kotringo’s songs have piano, if I am not mistaken. The pace enhances from slow to fast together with the instruments’ speed. :3 [5:36 minutes[

4) me.ga.ne

Starts with a very cute instrument. Sorry, I don’t really know what it is called, but it sounds like small rain drops. 🙂 . This instrument apparently is used quite often for this song, making a very cute rhythm. Another one of my favourites, lol. Quite ballad-ish. [4:35 minutes]

5) classroom

Starts with the same instrument which was used for me.ga.ne and some drums for the beat. Combined with some finger-snapping, tap dancing and some clapping makes this song those which you would like to dance to the rhythm. :3 . Has a happy tune. [4:57 minutes]

6) summer

The piano in this song is very nice, and it plays quite a big role in building this song up as you can hear it throughout the whole thing. Drums are for the beat, and there’s this instrument which soundss like the frog in your backyard, lol! kotringo likes to have sounds like those in her songs. ^_^. Very ballad. [4:36 minutes]

7) Kaerimichi

Another piano-oriented song in the ballad genre. One thing which I didn’t quite like in here was that kotringo hits some high notes when she sings certain parts of the song, and those high-notes didn’t succeed to me, lol. So far, that’s the only complaint about it, hahahaha. [4:58 minutes]

8) Deiji

Ahhh, one of my favs~ (I seem to have a lot of favs…). Quite a lively song, I must say. Starts with some nice drum beats followed with some light-jumps of piano. The electric guitar here is very light, it’s not those hard-rock type, but more of the ones you use to liven up a song. I like the way the drums are played. The liveliest song in Sweet Nest. [3:30 minutes]

9) Dai suki na hito

Compiled with guitar and drum beats in a continuous tone. The piano is rarely heard in this song, actually. Quite ballad-ish and sometimes it has a sad tune. Can be classified as a melancholy song. I like it though, also because it’s very soothing to the ears. [4:08 minutes]

10) Kimi wa Jiiniasu

Another lively one, lol. Also has some finger-snapping, but it rarely appears. Has some violin and organ if I am not mistaken. [4:03 minutes]

11) Furetara

The effect used at the beginning gave me a feel of someone running in a hallway rushing off to somewhere. It is used throughout the song accompanied with some piano. Chorus is greeted with added electronic drums. It was quite difficult to hear the drums as the other instruments got livelier and louder too. [4:51 minutes]

12) to stanford

Come to think of it, this song sounds sadder than Dai suki na hito, haha. Gives me a feeling of unrequited love. >.<. The only instruments used are the piano and violin. Both the tune and kotringo sound very melancholy and mellow. Of course, a ballad. [3:22 minutes]


I enjoyed Sweet Nest very much. The album before this by kotringo; Songs in the Birdcage was quite bland to me. Somehow the rhythm and songs weren’t quite appealing. Best songs in this album to me personally are Oideyo and Deiji. If you’re looking for some melancholic songs, give Dai suki na hito, summer and to stanford a try. ^_^.

Man, I cannot find kotringo’s songs in esnips and imeem…that’s bad…BUT, good thing YouTube has some of her songs. :3. So, here are the available songs which have been uploaded on YouTube. Note that not all of them are the music videos. Some are live. Well, the only music video I found was Oideyo. >.<

me and my bird prince ; Oideyo ; Dai suki na hito ; to stanford ;

And those are all I could find in YouTube from Sweet Nest. >.< . People need to know more about her…I can’t believe that even imeem doesn’t have her songs…;_;. I actually think that ballad lovers would love her, but I kinda get the feeling that not a lot of people are used to her type of songs. For an example of her voice, try Kanashii Yokan. It wasn’t sung by kotringo but by Marianne Amplifier, from the series, Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~; the ED. This version I found from esnips features Yuka, which I cannot tell what the difference is without her, lol. Here. Their voices(kotringo and Marianne) sound almost alike, so, it’s a good example. ^_^

This is a very nice site for the lyrics of Sweet Nest. It has the kanji and romaji lyrics of all the songs inside this album. Couldn’t really find the English translation…sorry. ;_;

Well, I hope you liked and enjoyed my review. I kinda think I am bad at reviewing music…^^;;



2 Responses to “♫Sweet Nest ALBUM”

  1. 1 scott November 20, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    I’ve been listening to this while i read your review; it’s a beautiful album and you did a great job with the review!

  2. 2 Kona November 21, 2008 at 4:25 am

    Hello~ :3
    Awww, I am so glad you like it. ^_^.
    You listened to the songs from some website, downloaded or from YouTube? YouTube’s one isn’t really high in quality…;_;

    Ooh, wow, thank you so much! I was wondering whether the review was ok. Thank you so much for commenting. ^_^

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