Nanairo Sekai

I am about to review the manga, Nanairo Sekai by Sahara Mizu-sama who goes by a pseudonym of Yumeka Sumomo. Her new fans would usually know her more by her pseudonym. I first got introduced to Sahara Mizu by her own adaptation of Hoshi no Koe, story by Makoto Shinkai-sama who also did the OVA much by himself, aside from the music(Tenmon) and the seiyuus(voice-actors/actresses). It was a splendid read, I must say. ^_^


Nanairo Sekai is a compilation of short stories. Some sad whereas some end with a happy ending. The title when literally translated into English from Japanese, means, “7-Coloured World” . Now, for the review~

Everyday is full with colours in this manga. Which is quite interesting, as Mizu-sama starts the days with “Monday is Olivedrab” and quite a lot more with touches of slight narration by characters.

1) The Glasses Thief

Monday is Olivedrab: This story is about 2 classmates who are sitting next to each other. Unbeknown to them, they have a mutual liking towards each other. The  Glasses Thief is a blend of some short misunderstandings and also some cute moments. Well, actually, most of the stories done by Mizu-sama have cute moments. >w< . Readers will need to watch out for when the point of views change. They aren’t hard to spot if you read everything, though. ^_^

2) Convenience Store Honey

Monday is Silver: It’s a yaoi(malexmale) short-story. And, yes, I never knew Mizu-sama actually did yaoi mangas. ^^;; .Kaoru-kun and Eiji-kun have been dating for over 4 years now, but Kaoru is unsure of what Eiji currently feels about him. Love? No? Or, the obento(lunch-box)-guy? The latter was what Eiji actually answered when Kaoru asked what his partner liked about him. The characters’ personalities are quite interesting. Eiji, for one, is tooo quiet at times, haha. From what I read, Eiji: Seme, and Kaoru: Uke~

3) Adult-Uniform

Monday is AntiqueWhite: A life of a 13 year-old. Now, how was it? Things were changing, feelings were changing, even relationships. Hinata feels that her childhood friend, Senya is distancing himself away from her. Some of her friends were already getting boyfriends, and now, she thinks that the Sen-chan she knew was no longer there. Adult-Uniform; about a girl who is confused about her own feelings along  the road to adolescence.


4) Refrigerator Chocolate

Monday is Prussian Blue: “Each human has more or less a something of their own. Like there are cats with long tails and cats with short tails. The heart inside my chest has a form that is a bit different.”- Satoru. Having only a few days left, he walked around and came across a trail of wrapped-up chocolates. It lead to a girl in a refrigerator. Feeling that there was an invisible connection between himself and her, he visits her everyday in the hospital.

My Thoughts and Comments (spoilers ahead)

My favourites are The Glasses Thief and Refrigerator Chocolate and they contrast widely with each other. The one with glasses had a cheerful and cute atmosphere while the chocolate one was serious and melancholic. I didn’t quite enjoy Convenience Store Honey because I am not really a yaoi fan(besides Junjou Romantica) and discovering that one of my favourite mangakas actually do them wasn’t pleasant. But, nevertheless, it was a cute one, so I recommend it to yaoi fans. ^_^.

Some Extras

1) The cutest part was when the heroine of the story actually wrote “I think I like you” on the black-board, immitating an eye-exam as the boy said he had VERY bad eyesight. Of course, he was lying and before he could reply to her, his friend called out to him about a club-meet. >w< . The Glasses Thief ended with a date of the two in a cute scene. ^_^

3) It ended a bit too fast, but nevertheless, it was still sweet~ Usually the blur ones are the guys, but it was the girl in this story. X3

4) You know what? The girl in the refrigerator was actually Satoru’s mom…well, I couldn’t really fathom it. She looks so young and petite. I would rather believe her to be his love interest, unfortunately for me, there were some parts where it actually confirmed that fact. Refrigerator Chocolate ended with a bitter-sweet ending; the refrigerator girl gave Satoru her heart in order for him to live. ;_; . From the last page of this manga, you can actually make up a lot of conclusions. I guess it’s all up to your imagination and what you want to believe. ^-^

Nanairo Sekai is definitely a good read, but I wouldn’t say that it’s light. ^-^;;


Manga shots taken from mangafox ; coloured by me



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